Bookings T&C’s

1. BOOKINGS are accepted subject to availability and may either be CONFIRMED at the time of booking, or if subject to change, a booking may be PENCILLED up until 48-hours of the CALL TIME. Unless CANCELLED or negotiated prior to 48-hours of the CALL TIME, a PENCILLED booking is automatically considered CONFIRMED.
2. Once a BOOKING is CONFIRMED it may still be cancelled however CANCELLATION FEES will apply at the rate of 50% within 48 hours and 100% within 24 hours of the CALL TIME.
3. A PENCILLED booking may be cancelled by either party.
4. PAYMENT TERMS are strictly 30 DAYS from the date of INVOICE or as stipulated on the invoice.
5. LATE PAYMENT may result in LATE FEES being charged at the rate of 10% per month. Failure to pay within 90 days of the Invoice date may result in legal action. All fees associated with reclamation of fees will be borne by the payee.
6. Listed RATES apply internationally, and are offered as a guide-only with fees subject to change with job-specifics, equipment additions etc.
7. TIMES are measured from Call-time to Wrap in the Greater London area, and door to door in all other national & international Locations, inclusive of lunch, travel & appropriate breaks.
8. WRAP is defined as Departure-From-Final-Location, with point 7 being the exception.
9. OVERTIME is measured per hour or part-thereof, and applies to all Productions unless specifically negotiated.
10. WEATHER HOLDS or SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS to be specifically negotiated.
11. Bookings are taken in 10-hour increments, with overtime charged beyond the booking.
12. Jobs running short will be billed as per original booking, regardless of an early wrap.
13. The extent of Front Element Camera Services’ LIABILITY due to errors, omissions, or professional and technical failures shall be limited to the equivalent of the Booking’s daily fee.
14.ORIGINAL RECEIPTS will be retained for Front Element Camera Services’ accounts, and charges will be itemized on the invoice.